Thursday, May 13, 2010

A TMJ Patient Sharing Her Story and Current Treatment w/Good Professional Help

Jill Johnson created her own Website to help share her current treatment which she has found helpful, and hopes that it will be useful and helpful to others.

Brief Introduction about JJAMD's Mission and Perception of the TMJ/TMJD Dilemma - 2010

The Jaw Joints & Allied Musculo-Skeletal Disorders Foundation, Inc. [JJAMD], was established in 1982 as America's Pioneer TMJ Advocacy Organization.  It is a 501c[3] non-profit charitable independent national educational, research, and advocacy organization. 

It works to promote appropriate comprehensive Medical and Dental awareness, prevention, research, and knowledge of growth and development and the importance of Jaw Joints and its functional relationship to whole body health. The disorders to the TemporoMandibular Joints (i.e. in layperson’s terms the “Jaw Joints”) is mostly known as “TMJ Disorders”. 

TMJ is one of the most pervasive, least understood, and controversial health disorders in existence today.  TMJ is now acknowledged as a component in other disorders, and is also called by a variety of other names and acronyms, adding to the controversy. 

Although technically "Orthopedic Joints" -- just like all other joints in the whole body -- it continues to fall through the cracks of  the Medical and Dental Societies.  Still not considered "a legitimate Medical Clinical Entity", it has been consigned to the Dental Society, including the NIH's National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research [NIDCR].  See JJAMD's website entry:  "TMJ Roadmap", which illustrates in layperson's language WHY TMJ/TMJD is considered a "TMJ/TMJD Dilemma".  It is costly to the American Society, physically, emotionally, financially, and quality of life issues.

JJAMD has done independent research with distinguished Institutes, and in 2004, donated America's first Independent Post-Doctoral TMJD Fellowship in conjunction with The Forsyth Institute and Harvard Medical Researchers, and was launched by the NIDCR in honor of JJAMD's efforts "to help break the logjam" of the void of any universally accepted accredited Medical or Dental Discipline, classification, description, teaching, diagnoses, treatments, and useful help for the TMJ  Patients and the General Public.