Thursday, April 14, 2011

Federal Budget Fiasco will hurt the TMJ Population

The mess in Washington will produce more stress and anxiety for the already stressed TMJ population  since so  many of us rely on Medicaid and Medicare.  Time to write to our representatives and tell them they are punishing the wrong people in there search for money to give to the wealthy and take from the middle class and  poor.


In a letter from JJAMD's attorneys  regarding TMJ Hope, the possible misuse of our JAW JOINTS TMJ AWARENESS ®  Marks  is cited and JJAMD's guidelines for proper use is restated. JJAMD has no objection to the use of the Trademarks  as long as it has the opportunity to discuss and clear such use in advance to be sure that the mission and intent of such use is consistent  with the rules set forth in the letter which follows...By working together it will be possible to gain greater advantage for the TMJ/TMJD  population.

Letter from  JJAMD attorney

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The State of TMJ/TMJD from Our Perspective

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In fact, from our perspective, we believe it has become more complex, obfuscated, and the opportunity for JJAMD to "Break the logjam" has been thwarted. Yet, we remain true to our original mission, to never compromise ourselfves by acquiesing to other's self-vested interests, and "To tell-it-like-it-is", if we are to achieve our mission.

America has lost its best government tmj/tmjd advocate -- Senator Edward F. Kennedy. He and his aides were most visible and helpful to try to move the jaw joints and their tmjd disorders into a humane sphere. He advocated to the nih medical-side directors his great interest to absorb TMJ/TMJD into NIH, not just NIDCR. This resulted in the "NIHTMJD interagency working group, which had a working collaboration of NIH/NIDCR/and TMJ advocacy organizations. It had the potential to accomplish better health for all. But, this too, started to slide back to just nidcr and further distanced JJAMD from its own effort to help bring NIHTMJDIAWG into existence. We have withdrawn from this committee; and, in fact, we have withdrawn from being consigned to a dental realm to advocate.

A recent example that subtly evidenced itself and came to our attention is that the TMJ population is reported out as growing exponentially, despite there being no universally accredited or accepted science that we know of to prove why. As an example, recently we read that the TMJD population had shifted from the usually reported out 15,000,000 patients to 35,000,000! where did the newer 25,000,000 TMJD patients appear from and based on any governmental national survey?? jjamd throughout its many decades of dealing with government agencies to conduct a national comprehensive medical-dental survey vis-a-viz a "comprehensive medical-dental tmj patient registry", was always turned down. So this is a startling revelation to us.

There is movement in the TMJ/TMJD field, but it is further diluted into "pain, chronic pain, women's pain, co-morbid pain," And the like. "Function and dysfunction" Is subordinated. The "jaw joints" are subordinated. To us, this takes the eye off the ball to bring the needed awareness to the importance of these "joints" And "healthy jaw joints" To their relationship to whole body health. Indeed, we see that chronic pain has become the focus of NIH/NIDCR/other agencies, dental schools, patient advocacy organizations, etc.

In fact, a new coalition of co-morbid organizations dealing with chronic pain, have formed into a national alliance named "women in pain" With the emphasis on freeing women in pain. This further distances jjamd to join in, becasue we believe it further dimininishes the jaw joints. Yet they tried to use the jjamd patented congressional proclamation called "Jaw Joints - TMJ Awareness Month", Without JJAMD's knowledge or patented needed permission or even attribution to JJAMD. We had to stop this misuse of our precious trademark!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Plain-Talk Guide to TMJ

"Self Help-Tips to keep your jaw joints healthy."  Published by JJAMD and available on the  JJAMD website:

Oral contraceptive pill use and abnormal menstrual cycles in women w/severe condylar resorption....

This article overlaps with TMJ/TMJD, but is not well-known.  Citation:  American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics V.136, #6, Dec. 2009

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A TMJ Patient Sharing Her Story and Current Treatment w/Good Professional Help

Jill Johnson created her own Website to help share her current treatment which she has found helpful, and hopes that it will be useful and helpful to others.

Brief Introduction about JJAMD's Mission and Perception of the TMJ/TMJD Dilemma - 2010

The Jaw Joints & Allied Musculo-Skeletal Disorders Foundation, Inc. [JJAMD], was established in 1982 as America's Pioneer TMJ Advocacy Organization.  It is a 501c[3] non-profit charitable independent national educational, research, and advocacy organization. 

It works to promote appropriate comprehensive Medical and Dental awareness, prevention, research, and knowledge of growth and development and the importance of Jaw Joints and its functional relationship to whole body health. The disorders to the TemporoMandibular Joints (i.e. in layperson’s terms the “Jaw Joints”) is mostly known as “TMJ Disorders”. 

TMJ is one of the most pervasive, least understood, and controversial health disorders in existence today.  TMJ is now acknowledged as a component in other disorders, and is also called by a variety of other names and acronyms, adding to the controversy. 

Although technically "Orthopedic Joints" -- just like all other joints in the whole body -- it continues to fall through the cracks of  the Medical and Dental Societies.  Still not considered "a legitimate Medical Clinical Entity", it has been consigned to the Dental Society, including the NIH's National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research [NIDCR].  See JJAMD's website entry:  "TMJ Roadmap", which illustrates in layperson's language WHY TMJ/TMJD is considered a "TMJ/TMJD Dilemma".  It is costly to the American Society, physically, emotionally, financially, and quality of life issues.

JJAMD has done independent research with distinguished Institutes, and in 2004, donated America's first Independent Post-Doctoral TMJD Fellowship in conjunction with The Forsyth Institute and Harvard Medical Researchers, and was launched by the NIDCR in honor of JJAMD's efforts "to help break the logjam" of the void of any universally accepted accredited Medical or Dental Discipline, classification, description, teaching, diagnoses, treatments, and useful help for the TMJ  Patients and the General Public.